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Introduction to Doctor Who

Officially, Doctor Who is a British science-fiction television show about an alien called "the Doctor." He travels through space and time in a spaceship disguised as a police box, fighting aliens and saving the universe with the help of his compmanions.

But it's so much more than that.

Doctor Who is a show about bravery and cowardice, love and loss, skill and intellect, and what it means to be human. It's a show about finding the ordinary in the extraordinary, embracing your inner darkness, and doing the right thing, even when everyone else just runs away. It's about knowing that you have the choice, at any time, to be the most important person in the universe or the least significant thing in the world. Doctor Who is a show about finding a better way to live your life.

Guide to Minisodes

How did the Eighth Doctor regenerate?
What did Rose say when the Ninth Doctor regenerated?
What does the Doctor do at night when his companions are asleep?
How did Vastra, Strax, and Jenny meet?
Why doesn't Clara sleep in the TARDIS?

All these questions have answers.

Over the years, many Doctor Who mini-episodes have been released. Some add additional information about characters or plot. Some fill in missing details. Some explain references. Some just provide humor. No matter the purpose, watching minisodes can enrich your Doctor Who experience.

Introduction to Spin-Offs

What happened to Sarah Jane after she left the Doctor?
How did Captain Jack reform Torchwood?
Why are aliens drawn to Coal Hill School?

All is revealed in Doctor Who's spin-offs. Spin-offs take characters from Doctor Who and give them their own show. These shows tie in to the main show in many ways, big and small, and watching them can greatly improve your viewing experience. Some of your favorite characters get storylines devoted entirely to them! You get more information about characters, in-universe history, and more of the great writing and acting you get in Doctor Who.

Introduction to Doctor Who Confidential

Have you ever wanted to know how Doctor Who is made? How actors act when they're not on camera? Have you ever wanted to know more about special effects or how sets are created? Do you have an interest in What Could Have Been, or how New Who connects to Classic Who?

If you answered yes to any of these questions, then Doctor Who Confidential is for you. DWC is a behind-the-scenes look at your favorite show, packed with information and details and funny moments.

Introduction to Classic Who

Doctor Who didn't begin with the Ninth Doctor and Rose. The Doctor's story began a long time ago, back in 1963. If you want to fully comprehend everything our hero has endured, or understand every reference made, or you just need more Doctor Who in your life, Classic Who is for you.