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Guide to Minisodes | HelpMeWatchWho

What is a Minisode?

"Minisode" is a slang term for a mini-episode. Over the years, Doctor Who has released many short episodes that add additional information about characters or plot, or fill in missing details, or explain references. Some just provide humor. They complement the main show, and they're just plain fun to watch.

Here at HelpMeWatchWho, we separate minisodes into 3 types: true minisodes, Alien Files, and "other." Alien Files are the easiest to classify; they are in-character descriptions of aliens encountered by the Doctor or Sarah Jane. Alien Files are narrated by Captain Jack Harkness, River Song, or a member of Sarah Jane's crew.

The "minisodes" category includes short episodes produced by the BBC. Generally, these can be found as DVD extras and/or on the BBC website itself. They are live action and scripted just like a scene from the show, and involve the real actors. While the BBC has never definitively stated what is "canon" in Doctor Who, minisodes are almost certainly so. This category includes things like the Series Nine Prologue, which gives important details about the first episodes of Series Nine.

The "other" category consist of things created by the BBC, but released in a different way than a normal minisode. For example, Attack of the Graske was released by the BBC as a DVD extra, but it's a interactive adventure. This category includes the Doctor Who Adventure Games, which have been stated to be canon by the BBC.

What to Watch

If you're watching Doctor Who for the first time, you should watch the minisodes. Even if you've already watched Doctor Who, you'll still enjoy watching them. Alien Files are nice to watch just for a little review of the background of aliens, but they don't provide any additional information. We suggest watching them just for completion's sake, but they aren't necessary to understand the show. "Other" episodes are fun to watch or play; they're not really relevant to the show, but they're nice to experience.

For your convenience, every minisode is listed below.

Reminder: minisodes are orange, Alien Files are green, and other episodes are yellow.

Classic Who

17.X.1 Shada
18.X.1 A Girl's Best Friend

New Who

2.X.1 Born Again
2.X.2 Attack of the Graske
2.1.1 Tardisode 1
2.2.1 Tardisode 2
2.3.1 Tardisode 3
2.4.1 Tardisode 4
2.5.1 Tardisode 5
2.6.1 Tardisode 6
2.7.1 Tardisode 7
2.8.1 Tardisode 8
2.9.1 Tardisode 9
2.10.1 Tardisode 10
2.11.1 Tardisode 11
2.12.1 Tardisode 12
2.13.1 Tardisode 13
3.7.1 42 Prologue
3.7.2 The Infinite Quest
3.10.1 A Ghost Story for Christmas
3.13.1 Time Crash
4.1.1 Adipose Monster File
4.2.1 Pyrovile Monster File
4.3.1 Ood Monster File
4.4.1 Slitheen Monster File
4.5.1 Sontaran Monster File
4.6.1 Hath Monster File
4.7.1 Vespiform Monster File
4.8.1 Judoon Monster File
4.9.1 Vashta Nerada Monster File
4.10.1 Midnight Monster File
4.11.1 The Trickster's Brigade Monster File
4.12.1 Dalek Monster File
4.13.1 Davros Monster File
4.13.2 Music of the Spheres
4.14.1 Christmas Monster File
4.14.2 Cyberman Monster File
4.14.3 Tonight's the Night (John Barrowman)
4.16.1 Dreamland
5.1.1 Meanwhile in the TARDIS 1
5.5.1 Weeping Angels Monster File
5.5.2 Meanwhile in the TARDIS 2
5.6.1 Vampires Monster File
5.9.1 Homo Reptilia Monster File
1.1 City of the Daleks
1.2 Blood of the Cybermen
1.4 Shadows of the Vashta Nerada
6.X.1 National Television Awards 2011
6.X.2 Space
6.X.3 Time
6.1.1 Prequel to The Impossible Astronaut
6.3.1 Prequel to The Curse of the Black Spot
6.3.2 Night and the Doctor: Bad Night
6.4.1 Night and the Doctor: Good Night
6.7.1 Prequel to A Good Man Goes to War
6.7.2 The Battle of Demons Run: Two Days Later
6.8.1 Prequel to Let's Kill Hitler
6.9.1 Night and the Doctor: First Night
6.9.2: Night and the Doctor: Last Night
2.1 The Gunpowder Plot
6.12.1 Night and the Doctor: Up All Night
6.13.1 Prequel to The Wedding of River Song
7.X.1 Death is the Only Answer
7.X.2 Prequel to The Doctor, the Widow, and the Wardrobe
7.X.3 Good as Gold
7.1.1 Pond Life
7.1.2 Prequel to Asylum of the Daleks
7.3.1 The Making of the Gunslinger
7.4.1 The Inforarium
7.5.1 P.S.
7.XX.1 The Great Detective
7.XX.2 Vastra Investigates
7.XX.3 Rain Gods
7.6.1 Prequel to The Bells of Saint John
7.10.1 Clara and the TARDIS
7.13.1 She Said, He Said
7.13.2 Clarence and the Whispermen
7.13.3 Strax Field Report: The Name of the Doctor
7.13.4 Strax Field Report: A Glorious Day
7.13.5 Strax Field Report: The Doctor's Greatest Secret
7.14.1 The Last Day
7.14.2 The Night of the Doctor
7.14.3 Strax Field Report: Trafalgar Square
7.14.4 Strax Field Report: Queen Elizabeth
7.15.1 Strax Field Report: A Sontaran's View of Christmas
7.15.2 Strax Field Report: The Doctors
7.15.3 Strax Field Report: The Doctor Has Regenerated!
8.1.1 Prequel to Deep Breath (Strax Field Report)
9.1.1 Series Nine Prologue
9.1.2 The Doctor's Meditation


4.1.1 Web of Lies: Episode 1
4.2.1 Web of Lies: Episode 2
4.3.1 Web of Lies: Episode 3
4.4.1 Web of Lies: Episode 4
4.5.1 Web of Lies: Episode 5
4.6.1 Web of Lies: Episode 6
4.7.1 Web of Lies: Episode 7
4.8.1 Web of Lies: Episode 8
4.9.1 Web of Lies: Episode 9
4.10.1 Web of Lies: Episode 10

Sarah Jane Adventures

2.12.1 From Raxacoricofallipatorius with Love
3.2.1 Androvax Alien File
3.4.1 Eve Alien File
3.6.1 The Doctor Alien File
3.8.1 Erasmus Darkening Alien File
3.10.1 Mona Lisa Alien File
3.12.1 Blathereen Alien File
4.2.1 The Trickster and Krislok the Graske
4.4.1 Pied Piper, Ship, and Eve
4.6.1 Sontarans, Wormwood, and the Bane Mother
4.8.1 Slitheen, Blathereen, and Rakweed
4.10.1 The Berserkers and the Mona Lisa
4.12.1 The Judoon, Mister Dread, and Androvax


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