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Introduction to Doctor Who Confidential | HelpMeWatchWho

When Doctor Who returned in 2005, the BBC created a companion program called Doctor Who Confidential. After each new episode of the main show aired, viewers were treated to a 30-40 minute documentary behind the scenes of that episode. Each episode of Confidential included interviews with cast and crew, footage from behind the scenes, and discussions about the episode.

Confidential continued to accompany Doctor Who through seasons 1-6, when it was definitively cancelled. Episodes were released on DVD in "cut-down" form; they were 10-15 minutes long and had licensed music and discussion of Classic Who removed.

Due to popular demand, the BBC created a new behind-the-scenes show for season 8 called Doctor Who Extra. For season 8, each episode was about 10 minutes long and included interviews and exclusive footage from the Doctor Who episode, just like Confidential. For season 9, the format changed to several shorter 1-2 minute clips per episode.

Watching Confidential, even if you've already seen all of Doctor Who, can be very worthwhile. The purpose of the show is to take an in-depth look at the episode and provide more information about it: how special effects were created, characterization, how actors were cast, connections to Doctor Who history, and many other pieces of information.

Confidential and Extra episodes are as follows (Doctor Who episode in parentheses):

In the same vein, the spin-off Torchwood was also accompanied by a behind-the-scenes show, called Torchwood Declassified. Each episode gave viewers an in-depth look at a Torchwood episode, providing more detail and information. Unlike Confidential, however, episodes of Torchwood Declassified were only about ten minutes long.

The show aired alongside Torchwood for two seasons. A special 30-minute episode accompanied the whole of Children of Earth, the third season, and two episodes were released on DVD for the fourth season, Miracle Day.

Like Confidential, Torchwood Declassified can be a worthwhile watch, especially if you've seen all the episodes.

Torchwood Declassified episodes are as follows (Torchwood episode in parentheses):